Gmail LogoNowadays many people use Gmail as their primary email, but not many of them really know the history of the mail service they used. I think it’s important to know more about something that has really helped our activities. Yes, I think Gmail has helped us in many cases. So, are you a Gmail user? If so, this post is good for you.

Gmail is Google’s free email service. Gmail users can access Gmail in the form of HTTPS webpage, POP3 or IMAP4 protocol. Gmail was launched in Beta version with an invitation system on April 1, 2004 and is available to the public on February 7, 2007, though still holds the status of Beta. Along with other Google Apps products, this service is no longer Beta on July 7, 2009.

At the beginning of the launch, Gmail provides a storage capacity of 1GB per user. This amount is much larger than what is offered by other providers, such as Yahoo! and Hotmail that give storage capacity of 2-4MB for free users. Until now, Gmail is still an email service with the highest capacity.

On May 13, 2013 Google announced the merge of their free storage across Gmail, Google Drive, & Google+ Photos allowing users up to 15GB of free storage to use across their accounts. As of September 2013, the Gmail service provides 15 GB of free storage per account.Users can rent additional storage from 100 GB (US$4.99/month) to 16 TB (US$799.99/month).

Gmail also apply Google’s search technology that allows users to find something from their email. Gmail also displays ads based on email received by the user.

Gmail can send message including attachments may be up to 20 MB per email.

One of the new things offered by Gmail is mail sorting in the form of “Conversation view”. With this way email received will be sorted in the form of conversation, so that all replies and topics are not separated. It can make users easy to see email they receive.

One of the new changes is the ability to label the email. An email can have more than one label. This feature is useful to sort email according to a given label, Google can also provide automatic label with a filter.

In 2012, according to ComScore Gmail has reached 425 million monthly active users. This numbers make Gmail become the largest email service that has the most users in the world.