How to Import Gmail Contacts

Learn how to import contacts into Gmail in this free instructional.

How to import Google Contacts 

STEP 1 : Go to Google Contacts, click More → Import on the left menu, and click CSV or vCard file. And then click Go to Old Contacts.
Or you can navigate directly to The old version of Google Contacts page.


STEP 2 : Click More → Import on the top menu , or click Import Contacts on the left menu.


STEP 3 : Click Choose file. Browse for the CSV file you exported or created and click Open.


STEP 4 : Click `Import` . The importing gmail process will complete in few moments. And your contacts will appear listed on your Contacts page.

Importing google contacts problems ?

There are some reasons you may have problems in importing your contacts :

  • Importing more than 3000 contacts at once
    Resolve → Lets split CSV contacts file into multiple CSV files before import
  • You reached the Google Contacts size limits ( Total contacts: 25,000 – Total storage limit : 20 MB – Maximum contact size: 128 KB – Maximum characters per contact field : 1024 )
    Resolve → You can Merge duplicate contactsStop automatically saving Other Contacts or Delete Other Contacts
  • Your importing infomation formatted in other email providers
  • Importing already contacts in Google Contacts
  • Your import file has non-Latin or ASCII characters.